Established in 1987

We started our story in 1987 when our founder, Amanda Murphy MBE, secured an order of 10,000 footsie rollers from The Body Shop. At this point, we had 5 wood craftsmen working from their homes to complete this order. Today, we have over 411 employees in the factory and around 100 more that are employed through the trust activities. 

The Teddy Trust was started in 1991, to reinvest a large portion of the profit generated into our community and it's development. We currently run 3 schools (Primary, Secondary, and a Special Needs School), The Dobby's Trust (Physiotherapy centre), HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, Drugs & Alcohol Abuse training, and animal welfare camps in our surrounding communities. For up-to-date progress and new trust initiatives, please follow our Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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