Handicraft is a traditional main sector of the rural population. It has its roots in the villages of India. Teddy Exports artisans make the Hand made products with their unique skill in wide range. Gift articles, Decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple hand tools. There are many variations in the Hand Made products, based on the type of raw materials used.



      A printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a printing surface. A blade or squeegee is moved across the screen to fill the open mesh apertures with ink, and a reverse stroke. This causes the ink to wet the substrate and finally the required print is obtained. Though advanced printing methods and machineries are in existence in the Industry, Teddy Exports traditionally follows manual printing process for giving more employment opportunities to the rural women. The whole process is done manually by Teddy Exports’ lady staff.



      The Textile products give the desired shape with specified dimensions by our skilled Tailoring staff mostly women. Teddy Exports has a vast expertise in making various kinds of Cotton Bags, Pouches, Aprons, Gloves, Socks items, Shirts for Men, Night-suits, Uniform dresses and many more.



      Teddy Exports uses the FSC certified wood for the Wooden product ranges. Certified wood is imported and cut into sizes specific to a particular product. After seasoning our skilled artisans work on various levels and make the product in pieces. During the stages of production the skill involves Turning, sandering, staining and assembling and the product takes its final shape. Coloring and polishing of the product is done in a pollution free manner.



     Teddy Exports follows standardized methods of Quality checking and guidelines throughout the production from sourcing the raw materials to product dispatch. The quality control strategies are defined, for all the Textile, Handmade and Wooden ranges in every stage of production. A dedicated group of staff ensure timely production and monitor quality aspects.

Textile and Handmade Products’ Quality control are achieved.



      The Finished goods are packed in desired quantities with Tag cards, care labels and we ensure zero moisture packing. The moisture content in wooden product are check with special tool before it is packed. The textile products are subjected into magnetic neddle check. And finally, the cartons are packed in strict shipment procedures.


papathiHai, I am Pappathi, working as a helper in canteen, joined in 2000 and having logged more than 15 years of service. Teddy Exports has brought nice change in my life, and Teddy Exports has given Medical facilities through Teddy Community Health Center. Teddy has given an opportunity for receiving a quality education for my children through Teddy Schools. Teddy Exports creche has taken care of my younger daughter. I am very grateful and thankful for the facilities given by Teddy Exports. I feel, I am leading a balanced life

rajeshwariHai, I am RAJESHWARI PITCHAIRAJAN Called by everyone as, Rajee joined Teddy Exports in 1996,

“After my marriage, I felt the need to be more independent and meet out the necessities of my family on my own. It became even more difficult after having my two sons. In 1996 someone from the neighborhood told me about this company which helped a lot to the needy like I was. Then I decided to apply for a job here, then I joined here in Teddy Exports as Receptionist in 1996.”


Hai, I am  MUTHULAKSHMI, in-charge of the ISO documentation in Teddy stores. I joined Teddy Exports in 2001. Being a Physically Challenged woman no one was ready to give a job opportunity even I am a graduate. Though the Government has special quotas in employing such Physically challenged, I was denied and Teddy Exports has given the opportunity. Now I feel, I am leading a comfortable life.


teddy trustMr. Karthi was an injecting drug user and alcoholic when our counselor met him for the first time. We supported him with our intervention programs for 5 years to come out of the hell. Now he is completely and confidently relieved from the addiction and he is  educating others. Here he came to give a speech to our Teddy School boys.

Teddy Exports provided support to the flood affected people with supply of relief materials like Food stuff, Cooking vessels and Bedding for over 200 families during recent flood in Cudallor. Our school students enthusiastically participated in this operation quick and organized packing of the Relief supply.

The village population around Thirumangalam, critically depends on Animals breeding, which is a major source of income for their livelihood. Teddy Trust supports them by giving Veterinary care on free of cost to these village communities.